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Boiler water conditioner

ALKALINITY CONTROL is a concentrated liquid alkaline compound. It is used in conjunction with HARDNESS CONTROL for the prevention of scale and corrosion in low and high-pressure boiler systems.

Combined boiler water conditioner

BWT ONE SHOT is a liquid compound. It contains a combination of alkaline mineral salts, sequestering agents, sludge conditioners, scale and corrosion inhibitors.

Steam & condensate conditioner

CONDENSATE CONTROL is a liquid product containing neutralizing amines readily miscible in water. It is used for prevention against corrosion in low and high-pressure boiler steam and condensate systems

Boiler water conditioner

HARDNESS CONTROL is a dry phosphates based powder. It is used in conjunction with ALKALINITY CONTROL for the prevention of scale and corrosion in low and high-pressure boiler systems.

Oxygen Scavenger Direct replacement of Hydrazine

HYDRAZIDE is a liquid compound containing Carbohydrazide for rapid removal of free oxygen in any type of boiler of any pressure as well as any type of non-drainable superheater. HYDRAZIDE is the alternative for hazardous and potentially carcinogenic products and provides the advantages of an environmentally friendly and safe product.

Oxygen scavenger

HYDRAZINE is a liquid compound containing catalyzed hydrazine for rapid removal of free oxygen in boiler systems

Oil and sludge conditioner

LIQUID COAGULANT is a synthetic organic polymer of high molecular weight in a viscous aqueous solution. It has an added anti-foam agent and can be diluted with water to any required concentrations.

Organic boiler water treatment for pH, corrosion, scale and sludge control

OBWT-3 is a liquid combination of low molecular weight components, neutralized organic acids, corrosion, scale and sludge conditioners. The specialized blended low molecular weight compounds are designed to elevate boiler water pH to levels, which reduce corrosion to the minimum possible in boilers (pH 10.5 - 11.0) with pressure of 7 to 50 bar. Use of these compounds also prevents under deposit corrosion, which is caused primarily by excess alkalinity in standard conventional treatments. The advanced polymer technology will condition hardness salts, modifying their crystalline structure as they precipitate at elevated temperature. The resulting crystal is non-adherent, light and remains in circulation with the water, enabling it to blow down easily. At the same time an organic compound is formed throughout the boiler protecting it from corrosion.

Organic oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for feed water, steam lines and condensate systems

OBWT-4 is an environmentally superior oxygen scavenger based on neutralized organic acids and a blend of volatile neutralizing amines. The function of the neutralized organic acids is to remove oxygen from the feed-water and form an organic compound on the steel surfaces of the boiler. OBWT-4 also provides excellent protection on copper-based metals. The specialized blend of amines has little or no effect on the boiler itself, but carries over with the steam in a gaseous form, dissolving finally into the condensate. This reaction elevates the condensate pH (9.0-10.5), neutralizing the carbonic acid and filming the system, protecting it from corrosion. OBWT-4 filming properties also reduce corrosion during shut down in lines where moisture and oxygen are present.

A catalyzed sodium bisulfite in powder or liquid form.
Very soluble in water.

OXYGEN CONTROL is used as a oxygen scavenger in boiler water treatment, reacting with oxygen to form inert sodium sulfate. The catalyst ensured rapid reaction times, so that complete oxygen removal is achieved. Rapid oxygen removal means minimal corrosion and extended boiler life. In boilers where condensate system protection is necessary, UNIMARINE CONDENSATE CONTROL should be used, but applied completely separate from the OXYGEN CONTROL.

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