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The Cargo Hold Chemical Applicator set, can reach heights up to 15mtr, spraying with just 12 to 15 per minute chemical consumption, the chemical to the cargo holds.

The set consists of the following:

•    Chemical resistant pump 1/2”

•     Air inlet hose 25mtr

•    Chemical Suction hose 10mtr

•    Chemical Discharge hose 50mtr

•    Quick connectors for air, suction and discharge hoses

•    Telescopic Powerwand 8 meters with Nozzles Set (3pcs)

The Telescopic PowerWand 8mtr is the lightest one in the market as it weights only 3.9 kg!
Additionally, it can be used at high pressures up to 300 bar, when connected to a high pressure cleaner.

Our chemical applicator is powered by Ingersoll Rand AODD pump,  and it is fully compatible with any cargo hold cleaning chemical.
It can be used to apply hold barrier chemicals as well.The pump is protected in stainless steel frame with carrying handle.

Other optional accessories such as brushes (rotating or standard), wall cleaners etc. can be used with the Telescopic PowerWand.

Please check our Leaflet with detail description and images of our Cargo Hold Applicator and available accessories and spare parts.

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