Heavy duty alkaline cleaner

ALKACLEAN HD/PC CLEANER is used for removal of Coal, Pet Coke, vegetable, Oily Residues, Sulfur, Concentrates and animal oil residues in cargo tanks. It is also used as a final treatment for cleaning tanks from black to white or grain.

ALKACLEAN HD/PC CLEANER is suitable for use on ferrous metals, including stainless steel and epoxy tank coatings.

ALKACLEAN HD/PC CLEANER is used for cleaning boiler
furnace and as a neutralizing agent.


Ideal for the removal of Bauxite Deposits

BAUXITE REMOVER is an effective acid based liquid mixture specifically designed to deal with hard cases of bauxite cargo deposits or bauxite stains. Its proven advantage is the provision of immediate penetration and complete dissolution of bauxite, the result being a thorough cleaning

Strong acid compound specially designed for the removal of cement deposits from most common surfaces.

CEMENT REMOVER is used for removing cement residues from all common metal surfaces. It must not be used on zinc, aluminum, galvanized materials and stainless steel.


Water Based liquid specially for-mulated to leave a thin temporary film on cargo hold surfaces

After discharge of cargoes such as petcoke, coal, pencil pitch, coke, ores, minerals, cement, small cargo particles have adhered and penetrated the minute pores in the paintwork and are firmly attached. Therefore, the cleaning procedure for a new and sensitive cargo is usually costly and labour intensive, before cargo holds are acceptably cleaned. Even worse, sulphur, salt etc.

Suitable for use with our waterbased alkaline cleaning chemicals

Foam Plus is a water based non-flammable product. When using this product, the cleaning efficiency of the cleaning chemicals will be enhanced. It will also be a more economical use of the cleaning chemicals.

Removing lime from iron and steel surfaces

LIME CLEANER is used for removing lime from iron and steel surfaces. It also cleans and brightens aluminum and copper. Lime stains on painted surfaces, porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, wood etc can be removed with LIME CLEANER. It is also used as a protective pretreatment for iron and steel prior to painting.


Effective liquid product for pet coke removal

PET COKE CLEANER is a concentrated product, specially formulated to successfully remove pet coke from cargo and storage tanks. It contains special detergents and builders. It helps with cargo hold cleaning, by removing stains and discolouring after cargo discharge. PET COKE CLEANER is water based and non-Eammable.