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Liquid cleaner containing solvents and surface-active agents for on-line
off-line cleaning of charge air coolers

UNIMARINE AIR COOLER CLEANER (ACC) is a liquid blend of highlyactive cleaning compounds and corrosion inhibititors. ACC has beendeveloped for safe, fast and economical in-service cleaning of the airhandling systems of turbo charged diesel engines.By using ACC, airborne contaminants that have been carried into anddeposited on scavenger air trunks, air coolers and inlet valves areremoved. Thus, all surfaces are kept clean and free of deposits.

Solvent emulsifier for removal of carbonaceous deposits

CARBON REMOVER / CARBON REMOVER NC is used undilutedfor breaking down and separates residual combustion products andby-products distillation of mineral oils. Suitable for cleaning burner tips,lube / fuel oil filters, oil coolers, fuel injectors and machines parts.

General purpose emulsifier cleaner

COLD WASH HD is a general oil and grease remover for deck and engine room. Most suitable for removal of oil and grease from machinery parts, tank tops, bulkheads, decks and floor plates.COLD WASH HD is also used for cleaning of cargo tanks, bunker tanks and for spot cleaning.

used to remove foam in water based systems and collecting tanks in vacuum toilet system

Defoamer Liquid is a non-silicone based water dispersible, liquid defoamer. It controls foaming in sewage and waste water systems, and it is stable in alkaline conditions.

Liquid descaler for water scale

DESCALING LIQUID is suitable for removal of hardness scale and/oriron oxides from boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers,cooling systems etc. It must not be used on zinc, aluminum, galvanizedmaterials, cast iron and stainless steel

Envirocleaner degreaser

An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely biodegradable multipurposecleaner. This water-based product has high degreasing properties due to the use of natural citrus oil solvents and advanced wetting agents.

Liquid cleaner for removing partially carbonized oil n oil coolers and filters

FILTER CLEAN is used for cleaning metal and ceramic oil filters. It is also used for cleaning oil heaters using re-circulation method. Regular cleaning with FILTER CLEAN prevents formation of coke-like deposits.

Waterless handcleaner.

Firm translucent gel wich does non contain abrasives chemicals. It contains lanolin to prevent drying of the skin and does not irritate cuts or scratches.

Biodegradable, effectively removes varnish, ink, grease, oil, paints, abrasives and most other grime.

Fast-drying electrical parts cleaner

LECTROCLEAN FAST is a safe cleaner for electrical equipment suchas motors, generators, switchgear, contacts, coils etc. Rinsing is notrequired after degreasing. Can be used on all metals, metal alloysand insulating varnishes (except for certain plastics). Preliminary testshould be conducted on polymethacrylate and silicone varnishes

General purpose, slow-drying degreasing solvent and electrical parts cleaner

LECTROCLEAN SLOW is used for cleaning and degreasing of electricalequipment such as motors, generators, switch gears, contacts,coils, winches, etc. It is also used for general degreasing and cleaningof machine parts and equipment without the need for rinsing. Safeon all metals, metal alloys and insulating varnishes (except for certainplastics).

Disc cleaner, acid degreaser.

LO SEPARATOR CLEANER is an especially formulated blend of surfactants, solvents and acids designed to remove carbonaceous andvarnish deposits from lube-oil and fuel-oil separator discs.

Liquid detergent compound containing phosphoric acid and non-ionic surfactants for cleaning of non-ferrous metals and removal of rust stains

RUST REMOVER is used for removing light rust from iron and steel surfaces. It also cleans and brightens aluminum and copper. Rust stains on painted surfaces, porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, wood etc can be removed with RUST REMOVER. It is also used as a protective pretreatment for iron and steel prior to painting.

Powder descaler for water scale

SAFE DESCALER is suitable for removing water scale and rust in diesel engine cooling water systems, boilers, evaporators, condensers etc.

For passivating stainless steel tanks, pipelines etc.

PASSIVATING LIQUID is only suitable for use on austenitic stainlesssteel. The product is mainly used for passivating stainless steelinstallations and tanks.

For pickling stainless steel tanks, pipelines etc.

PICKLING LIQUID is only suitable for use on austenitic stainless steel.The product is mainly used for pickling stainless steel installationsand tanks.ite.

Multipurpose cleaning liquid for use in ultrasonic baths and cleaning machines

ULTRASONIC MULTI CLEANER has been specially developedfor use in ultrasonic baths for the cleaning of all materials exceptzinc, galvanized parts and / or magnesium alloys. We advice to testlight-metal alloys (aluminum, magnesium etc.) i.e. pistons, turbo-blowerparts etc. in advance for 5 - 10 minutes.

Tank cleaner separating oil/water.

UNICLEAN BREAK is a heavy-duty tank and bilge cleaner. It contains wetting agents, detergents and demulsifiers. The quick separating properties leave the water-phase with less than 15 PPM of oil, which meets IMO requirements.

Odorless, non-emulsifying, non-conductive electric cleaner

UNICLEAN ELECTRO can be applied with a brush or by spraying the parts to be cleaned. It can also be used to clean extremely soiled parts in a bath. The high flash point and odorless properties makes it apleasant and problem free product to use.

Highly concentrated water based cleaner (alternative for Cold Wash - Marisol - Genepol - water based neutral HCF)

UNICLEAN GP is used for engine rooms, decks, bulkheads andaccommodation.

- No petroleum solvents, non-flammable.

- Biodegradable, non-toxic, wastewater will split into an oil/water phase.

- Fresh smell.

- Strong degreasing properties when diluted.

- Leaves no film residues on cleaned surfaces.

- Suitable on most common metals and coatings.

- Suitable for use with oil-water separators.

Neutral detergent for general use.

UNICLEAN OSD ENVIRO R2USE is the environmental solution for oil pollution in the sea. It is a dilution of Type II & III approved product (UNICLEAN OIL DISPERSANT). This efficient dispersant can be used for a wide range of oils, converting the oil slick into small droplets which are rapidly distributed within the sea due to natural water movement. Special compounds in UNICLEAN OSD ENVIRO R2USE inhibit coalescence. Dispersion into the sea enhances the biodegradation of the oil.

General purpose biodegradable cleaner

GENEPOL is a superior liquid detergent with good foaming properties. The active wetting agents give rapid penetration to remove light oil and dirt from all surfaces. GENEPOL is used in the galley, accommodation and engine room aboard ships, launches and maintenance department of all industries. Also used for cleaning reefer boxes, woodwork and decks.

Bacteria based product for sanitation treatment and cleaning

MICROZYME LIQUID is a concentrated blend of liquid living aerobicand anaerobic bacteria especially selected for the unique ability toproduce active enzymes, which are required for the degradation ofsanitation wastes. MICROZYME LIQUID, which is the fourth generationof bacteria sanitation treatments, has been subjected to stringentantibiotic screening. MICROZYME LIQUID is naturally occurring and isnot genetically engineered. Therefore it is safe for usage under all typesof applications. With its unique ability to formulate bacteria strains,which produce large amounts of amylase (starch), protease (protein),cellulase (cellulose), and lipase (grease), if used on a routine basis willsupplement the bacteria normally present and thereby degrade wastematerial more rapidly and with greater efficiency.

Eliminates leads on Cargo Tanks

LIQUID SOAP is a multi-purpose heavy duty cleaning solution used as a common dirt remover in commercial and industrial cleaning processes. It may also be used to clean efficiently large surface areas and cargo tanks from animal oil, vegetable oil, fish oil, fat and waxes

liquid treatment used to remove build up of inorganic scale in vacuum toilet piping systems

Drain Pipe Cleaner is formulated of organic acids and corrosion inhibitors to keep clean from scales. Inorganic scale consisting of uric stone, phosphates and hardness salts will restrict flow and may finally clog the pipes completely if not treated. Drain Pipe Cleaner is non-corrosive and does not harm any materials in the system, though it should not be used in galvanized systems. It will not contribute to foaming in the sewage treatment plant


Low toxicity biodegradable oil spill dispersant

ECODIS is used to disperse and clear accidental oil spills on deck and in the sea.

Neutralises the corrosion

RUST CONVERTER gives a thorough chemical passivation of substrate making it a sound base for application of subsequent paint or coating systems. It is an excellent adhesion promoter for subsequent paint system and leaves a water-insoluble hydrophobic film. The product is nonhazardous and non-flammable. RUST CONVERTER is compatible with most used paint types and coating systems, alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethane, vinyl and the new water-based paint systems.


Teak Renewer/Oxalic Acid is a wooden deck brightener for removal of oil and fat and for daily cleaning on deck

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