Unimarine Group was established in Marine Chemical business in 1974, by setting up Unimarine Services Ltd.(ex J.G. Enterprises Ltd.) in April 1988. The intention of the founder was to represent international chemical companies and to promote worldwide sales 
in the international shipping and industrial market.The company realized that in order to fully satisfy

its clients, it was essential to effectiveness are required.  

Unimarine Group. (ex J.G. Enterprises Ltd.) approached the market by focusing and targeting on: 

  • Maintaining the quality of its products and services.

  • Utilization of latest technology equipment in its entire field of its activity.   

  • Acceptable pricing policy, offering the best quality at the right price.

  • Customer service through experienced, specialized, effective, efficient and punctual personnel

  • Long term, friendly relationships with its clients.

The correct strategies, with the combined efforts of both management and staff of Unimarine Group in the pursuit of achieving its goals, lead to the rapid recognition and growth of the company.
Since 1988, Unimarine Group acquired major companies like Vecom Hellas Ltd and Uniservice International S.A., Uniclean NV and also Unigas. Uniservice was established in 1917 and since then, produces maintenance and treatment chemicals for shipping and industry as well as providing technical services and solutions to technical problems. Unimarine Group today has its own 
employment, a service network which is continuously growing. Latest development are the new Unimarine blending facility in Spain covering international distribution as well as sales for Spanish ports and Portugal.

Unimarine Group in order to expand its services and to cover the needs of its clients, included in its range the following: 

  • Gas Welding & Refrigerant products under the Unigas brand name.

  •  Firefighting and Safety Service under the brand names of Unimarine Safety and Unisafe   

  • Industrial Chemicals under the Uniclean brand name.

And in order to comply with the latest international regulations of marine environmental protection, Company added the following additional products:          
Oil spill kits and dispersants and chemicals under the Uniclean brand name, an "environmentally friendly" range of products, which have been especially developed for this purpose and with approvals from the various societies.
At a later stage this proved to be very rewarding, as it maintained the preference of the companies existing clients and attracted new potential clients.  

In 2019  Unimarine Group decided to start its own branch in Dubai to handle all business in Middle East and Asia.
Last but not least  Unimarine Group is growing fast with the major purpose to serve the market better every day. 
We thank all of our clients, business partners and our employees for their trust and contribution in our growth.