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Antifreeze Liquid is a special product, containing ethylene-glycol, sequestering agents and other anticorrosive compounds.

ANTIFREEZE LIQUID is suitable for the cooling water systems such as diesel engines,internal combustion engines,car refrigerators, central heating, solar boilers e.t.c. and generally, where a low freezing point is requested.

Anti-foulant and corrosion inhibitor for sea water cooling systems

ECOSPERSE PLUS gives complete protection against corrosion and fouling by marine growth such as algae, moss, shellfish and microorganisms in seawater cooling systems. It is also used as an effective biocide to treat diesel engine cooling water systems against microorganisms and bacteria

Corrosion and scale inhibitor for closed circuit cooling water systems

NCLT DEWT is a nitrite, borate and organics based corrosion inhibitor suitable for all types of engines and other closed re-circulating water systems.

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