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FOT LI 4100

Lubricity Improver for Gas Oil, Diesel Oil and Middle Distillates.

item code: 161164423

FOT LI 4100 is a Lubricity Improver for Gas Oil, Diesel Oil and Middle Distillates.
FOT LI 4100 is a non-metallic, phosphorus free lubricity improver for use in low sulphur diesels and other middle distillates, which posses poor lubricity characteristics. This additive has been developed to meet the industry’s most stringent performance requirements. FOT LI 4100 is a blend of long chain carboxylic acids.

FOT Dual Purpose (Sludge Dispersant)

Sludge conditioner and dispersant for fuel oil used in diesel engines and boilers



Liquid compound containing solvents, dispersant and surface active agents combined with a combustion catalyst.


Fuel oil additive and sludge dispersant cleaner is the NEW product developed by Unimarine Group to support Shipowners having the Fuel tanks ready for the new LSFO and VLSFO .Existing fuel tanks especially in Vessels having more than three years life are suffering by sludge deposits been accumulated by different bunkers been taken .When we talk about Vessels over 3 years of age than the problem is becoming more complicated as sludge of HFO cannot be mixed with new LSFO bunkering.


Also at same time the whole fuel piping system connected to the fuel system has to be clean as well from previous HFO been used.

Fuel oil additive and sludge dispersant cleaner


FOT Catalyst

Combustion improver, reduces carbon deposits

FOT CATALYST acts as a combustion improver, carbon catalyst, ash modifier and smoke suppressant for  diesel engines burning heavy fuel oils and boilers.


Vanadium/Sodium conditioner, prevents corrosion

VANASOLVENT is a liquid compound that contains chemicals proven effective in reducing harmful effects of vanadium oxides and sodium salts in diesel engines. Adding VANASOLVENT to bunker fuel forms a complex that de-activates the vanadium and sodium common in heavy bunker fuels. The melting point of vanadium pentoxide is 675°C and sodium sulfate is 880°C. When VANASOLVENT is employed, the complexes formed with vanadium and sodium sulfate by the agents in VANASOLVENT melt at about 1100°C.

FOT Bio Control

A microbiological control agent for use in lube oil and fuel oil systems

BIO CONTROL FOT is used in oil storage facilities which have problems due to bacteria colonization and / or algae in the oil /water interface.

FOT Cold Flow Improver

A polymeric additive that improves the cold flow properties of middle distillates.

FOT COLDFLOW IMPROVER is an additive containing ethylene vinyl ester polymers inhigher boiling hydrocarbons. This additive can considerably reduce both theCFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) and the Pour Point of diesels and heavy fueloils. It improves the cold flow properties and helps reduce the unwanted waxformation, as well as diminish its accumulation and fallout risk.

Soot Remover Liquid

Removes of shoot/carbon deposits on fire side

Soot Remover Liquid is formulated for effective prevention ofsoot and firescale deposits from boilers and diesel engineexhaust systems.

Soot Remover Powder

Removes of shoot/carbon deposits on fire side

Soot Remover Powder is a dry powder compound formulated for safe removal of soot and deposits from boilers and diesel engine exhaust systems.

Uniclean Break (Demulsifier)

Tank cleaner separating oil/water

UNICLEAN BREAK is a heavy-duty tank and bilge cleaner. It contains wetting agents, detergents and demulsifiers. The quick separating properties leave the water-phase with less than 15 PPM of oil, which meets IMO requirements.

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