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Bilge, tanks, parts degreaser

O&G COLD WASH - GP DEGREASER is a general oil and grease remover for deck and engine room. Most suitable for removal of oil and grease from machinery parts, tank tops, bulkheads, decks and floor plates. O&G COLD WASH - GP DEGREASER is also used for cleaning of cargo tanks, bunker tanks and for spot cleaning.

Heading Heavy duty acid compound containing descaling accelerators
                                             and corrosion inhibitors

O&G DESCALING LIQUID is suitable for removal of hardness scale and/or iron oxides from boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems etc. It must not be used on zinc, aluminum, galvanizedmaterials, cast iron and stainless steel.

Envirocleaner degreaser

An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely biodegradable multipurpose cleaner. This water-based product has high degreasing properties due to the use of natural citrus oil solvents and advanced wetting agents.

Odorless, non-emulsifying, non-conductive electric cleaner

O&G UNICLEAN ELECTRO can be applied with a brush or by spraying the parts to be cleaned. It can also be used to clean extremely soiled parts in a bath. The high flash point and odorless properties makes it a pleasant and problem free product to use.

Water soluble acid powder containing descaling accelerators and corrosion inhibitors
                                                       for removing water scale and rust

O&G SAFE DESCALER is suitable for removing water scale and rust in diesel engine cooling water systems, boilers, evaporators, condensers etc.

Specialty product for Oil & Gas

- Cleaning of soft and light, non oxidized vegetable and animal oil residues from tank surfaces

- Suitable for use on most tank coatings including aluminum, zinc alloy and other light metal alloys

- Cleaning of steam sides of condensers

- Cleaning of oil and grease residues in heat exchangers, pre-heaters etc.

Specialty product for Oil & Gas

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