A 50% Sodium Hydroxide Solution is used with many SOx Abatement technologies, mainly Scrubber Systems that are located in the exhaust. By spraying a Caustic Soda solution, mixed with fresh water onto the exhaust gas, up to 97% of SOx emissions can be reduced. Usually supplied by tank trucks.

Scrubbers working with Magnesium Oxide as alkali in closed loop are considered safer than those with caustic soda required. MgO is supplied as powder, 25kg bags or 1000kg big bags. Operational cost using Magnesium Oxide will be cheaper than corresponding cost of using Caustic Soda, as Magnesium is a superior alkali when operating in zero washwater discharge areas (ports/coastlines).

Urea - Marine Solution is a 40% urea solution used with NOx abatement technology, mainly Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Usually supplied by tank trucks.

Magnesium Hydroxide / Mg(OH)2 is a highly efficient aqueous suspension based on natural magnesium hydroxide for pH control and cleaning of waste water and flue gasses. Magnesium Hydroxide / Mg(OH)2 is usually supplied in 1500kg IBCs.