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Oil booms absorb oil and hydrocarbons and will NOT absorb water. The booms will continue to float, even when fully saturated. Its durable outer shell and the metal clips on the ends provide the boom with extra strength and prevent the boom from tearing when being lifted.

Bilge Booms are perfect for removing oil from bilges or small drains. The booms will not sink, even when saturated.

This type of boom has the same oil absorbing capacity of that of a regular oil boom, but it can also be used as an oil screen. A skirted boom will better embed the oil in strong flow and waves. Once the oil boom is saturated, it can be easily taken out and replaced. The oil screen (incl. ballast chain) can then be reused.

Oil Only Sweep absorbs oil and hydrocarbons and will NOT absorb water in rough waters. Clip Sweeps to the Oil Booms for added containment and extra absorbency. Or tie the Oil Only Sweep across waterways. Attached with strong nylon straps.

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