Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate (4 x 5kg) is a potable grade chlorine release agent that can be used to chlorinate and control bacterial growth in Potable Water, Swimming Pools and Spas and for Grey Water Sterilisation

12% SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE Desinfectant activator

Evaporator Defoame is a concentrated antifoam for prevention of foaming problems in seawater evaporators.

Liquid compound containing synthetic polymers, sequestering and anti-foaming agents for prevention of scale in evaporators

Disinfectant of R.O Membranes

PAC 18 (Poly Aluminum Chloride 18%), containing 17,5 ± 0,5% Al2O3, specific for waste waters and neutral sizing in paper making. It is used as primary coagulant aid for any clarifying/flocculation process relating to the treatment of surface or underground water and urban or industrial effluents.
PAC 18 is based on highly charged aluminium which results in lower dosage and therefore reduces sludge volume and pH adjustment demand. It also improves solids and/or phosphorous removal over conventional coagulants.

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Eliminates "Red" Potable Water

RO Bisulphite™ is a solution of sodium hydrogen sulphite (sodium bisulphite) used in the preservation of RO membranes and as a de-chlorinating agent.

Acid and Basic Detergents for RO Cleaning

Acid and Basic Detergents for RO Cleaning

RO-Osmo Clean-10  is a broad spectrum scale inhibitor for Reverse Osmosis systems.