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Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate is highly corrosive and a strong oxidising agent. 

Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate (4 x 5kg) is a potable grade chlorine release agent that can be used to chlorinate and control bacterial growth in Potable Water, Swimming Pools and Spas and for Grey Water Sterilisation


12% SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE Desinfectant activator

Used to disinfect drinking water in aquaducts or on board ships and for desinfecting residual sewage water from waste water treatment. Also used for disinfecting swimming-pool and Jacuzzi-pool water.

concentrated antifoam for prevention of foaming problems in seawater evaporators

Evaporator Defoamer Liquid is a concentrated antifoam for prevention of foaming problems in seawater evaporators

Liquid compound containing synthetic polymers, sequestering and anti-foaming agents
for prevention of scale in evaporators

LIQUIVAP is used in both high and low pressure evaporators to prevent foaming,

carry-over and scale formation.

Disinfectant of R.O Membranes

OSMO DISINFECTANT is a liquid formulation based on sodium bisulfate used in different water treatment processes, and particularly in REVERSE OSMOSIS plants. Continuous dosing of OSMO DISINFECTANT ahead of the high-pressure pump provides a reducing action of chlorine and disinfecting of the membranes. The use of OSMO DISINFECTANT is also extended to the flushing of the membranes when the system is in idle condition thus blocking bacteria growth.

iron-free, and is completely safe to the environment.

PAC 18(Poly Aluminium Chloride 18%)is used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems that include mechanical separation of free oil, emulsion breaking, flocculation and filtration. After dosing, PAC 18(Poly Aluminium Chloride 18%) breaks the oilin-water emulsion created by contaminants in lubricating and fuel oils, emulsifying cleaning agents etc. It then destabilizes the remaining small oil droplets and agglomerates them into larger particles that are easily collected by filtering


Eliminates "Red" Potable Water

POTABLE WATER STABILISER is a solution of polyphosphates,

quickly and easily dispersible in water.


RO Bisulphite is a solution of sodium hydrogen sulphite (sodium bisulphite) used in the                           
preservation of RO membranes and as a de-chlorinating agent.

If the feed water to the RO system contains free chlorine it must be removed otherwise it can breakdown the RO membrane. RO Bisulphite is a 40% solution of Sodium Bisulphite (NaHSO3) It undergoes the reaction below with free chlorine:

2NaHSO3 + 2HOCl → H2SO4 + 2HCl + Na2SO4


        (Acid Cleaner)
RO-Membrane Cleaner

RO-OSMO CLEAN-2 is a membrane cleaner specifically designed to remove rust accumulations, iron & other minerals fouling. It is also effective against light calcium carbonate scaling. RO-OSMO CLEAN-2 should be used in accordance to membrane manufacturers recommendations & OEMS. The cleaning solution temperature & pH value also to be adjusted to suit the system procedures to get the best performance. Fouled or scaled RO membranes reduce the system performance. In such case, product flow & quantity get affected. Therefore, preventive maintenance steps maintains the membrane performance & minimize losses. As a part of such steps, periodic cleanups of the membranes is suggested in line of membrane manufacturers & OEM Suppliers. This applies particularly for systems being fed with high metal ion foulants. However, it is suggested to conduct chemical cleanups either when the normalized product flow is reduced by >10% or salt rejection decreases by >10%, or the differential pressure increases by >10%.

RO-Membrane Cleaner

RO-Osmo Clean-3 is a blend of alkaline organic components designed for effective RO membranes cleaning. RO-Osmo Clean-3 is effective in removing iron oxides & hydroxides as well as Calcium Carbonate & Calcium Sulfate. It is highly effective when used in combination with high pH detergents cleaners to help remove organic substances & microbial slimes. Moreover, it is a good general-purpose membrane cleaner designed to support the cleaning of acid insoluble’s sulphates of calcium, barium & strontium, as well as traces of calcium fluoride. During normal operation, reverse osmosis & other membranes can become fouled, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the system and proper functioning causing reduction in normalized permeate flow. The effects of fouling can lead to poor water quality, loss in production, unscheduled downtime & premature membrane replacement. A regular maintenance & cleaning program can provide a significant return on investment by extending system run time, prevents membrane degradation, maintaining lower feed pressures & extending the membrane’s life.

RO-Osmo Clean-10  is a broad spectrum scale inhibitor for Reverse Osmosis systems.

RO-OSMO CLEAN-10 is multipurpose antiscalant/antifoulant for handle and all membrane systems using a wide range of brackish, high salinity, process and effluent feed-waters. It is a highly effective scale inhibitor designed for reverse osmosis, nano-filtration & UF systems. RO-OSMO CLEAN-10 is a general antiscalant that inhibits inorganic scale formation on RO membrane surfaces. It functions by chemically interfering with crystal formation in the feed water and reduces the potential for adhesion between scale particles and the membrane surface. Typical mineral constituents such as Calcium & Magnesium carbonates, Sulfates and colloidal clay particles are maintained in a soluble state and dispersed to minimize or eliminate scale potential. It aids in prolonging membrane life and increases operational efficiency.

raises calcium hardness of pool and spa water

Salt Tablets raises calcium hardness of pool and spa water to assist in the prevention of corrosion, etched plaster and other problems resulting from low calcium levels

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