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Eliminates "Red" Potable Water

POTABLE WATER STABILISER is a solution of polyphosphates,

quickly and easily dispersible in water.


Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate is highly corrosive and a strong oxidising agent. 

Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate (4 x 5kg) is a potable grade chlorine release agent that can be used to chlorinate and control bacterial growth in Potable Water, Swimming Pools and Spas and for Grey Water Sterilisation


Desinfectant for portable water system & sewage system

CHLORINE TABLETS contain an active ingredient of 70% calcium hypochlorite. They dissolve slowly and release available chlorine uniformly over a period of time, avoiding the trouble of repeated application. Have a slightly alkaline reaction with water. CHLORINE TABLETS contain an oxidation agent and will evolve free chlorine in acid solution.

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