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150A-1 Phase Welding Inverter in Case

Welding machine, compact and portable for shipboard welding.

220A-1 Phase AC/DC Welding Inverter

The specially designed welding inverter for aluminium TIG AC/DC welding

200A-3 Phase Welding Inverter

A compact 200A range welding machine that comes with stick electrode welding accessories for shipboard welding.

320A-3 Phase Welding Inverter

A compact but powerful 320A range welding machine for any type of welding on board.

500A-3 Phase Welding Inverter

A powerful 500A welding inverter for any type of arc welding and gouging processes on board.

Plasma Cutter 12mm Cutting Range

All electrically conductive steels up to a maximum thickness of 12mm can be ideally cut by this Plasma Cutter.

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